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Why Vancouver Is Better Than Toronto: 5 Reasons To Move West!




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Are you looking for a new city to call home? There are so many great places to live in Canada, but one stands out from the rest – Vancouver! From its stunning views and outdoor activities to its booming economy and diverse population, there’s something special about this beautiful city. Here are five reasons why Vancouver is better than Toronto (and why you should move west)!

Reason # 1: Stunning Views And Outdoor Activities

Vancouver offers some of the most stunning views and natural beauty in Canada. The mountains, lakes, forests and ocean provide an ever-changing landscape that never fails to impress. Whether you like hiking or biking or simply strolling along the beach, there’s something for everyone in this gorgeous city. Plus, with plenty of outdoor activities year round – from snowshoeing in winter to kayaking on Burrard Inlet during summer – there’s always something fun going on outdoors!

Reason #2: Diverse Population

Vancouver has a diverse population that embraces all cultures – whether it be Chinese Canadians who make up over 12% of the population or South Asians numbering over 9%. This amazing variety ensures that everyone can feel at home here no matter their cultural background! Not only does this create a positive atmosphere where people can express themselves freely without fear of discrimination; it also helps foster creativity through cultural exchange.

Reason #3: Booming Economy Thanks to its thriving tech industry , Vancouver was recently ranked as one of North America ‘ s top cities for economic opportunity . With big companies such as Amazon , Microsoft , Apple , and Google moving into town , job opportunities abound ! This makes it easier than ever before for newcomers or those considering relocating to find work that suits them . Plus , with major infrastructure projects underway such as rapid transit development throughout Metro Vancouver means even more employment opportunities now and into the future !

< h 1 > Reason #4 : Arts & Culture Scene Not only is Vancouver rich with natural beauty ; it also boasts an impressive art scene too . With countless music venues ranging from jazz clubs to rock arenas plus incredible museums galleries theatre companies performing arts centers ― there ’ s always something happening around town . And if you like festivals ? You ’ re in luck because they happen almost every week throughout summer months ! From folk festivals celebrating traditional roots music styles – bluegrass celtic country etc –to food beer wine film arts markets ― whatever your interests may be ― chances are high that there ’ s an event waiting just around corner !

< h 1 > Reason #5 : Great Quality Of Life Last but certainly not least is quality life living here in Vancouver . Sure cost living may higher compared other Canadian cities but when factoring world class public transportation system free health care subsidized education programs low crime rates clean air water housing options available environmental protections put place safe enjoyable environment which enjoy daily basis – worth extra penny spent … especially when considering alternative offered by Toronto which arguably lags far behind standards set by BC capital !

So if looking change scenery jumpstart career experience unique culture found nowhere else take time visit explore what wonderful things awaiting discover here Vancity … might just find yourself wanting stay permanent basis afterwards !

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