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The Reasons Why People Move Out of Vancouver: What You Need To Know




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Vancouver has always been known as a beautiful, cosmopolitan city with an abundance of natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities. While the city still retains much of its charm, it also has become increasingly expensive to live in, making it difficult for residents to afford basic necessities like housing, transportation and even food. As more people move out of Vancouver in search of better quality of life options elsewhere, the reasons behind these migrations are becoming clearer. In this article we will explore why so many families and individuals are choosing to leave Vancouver and what solutions may be available if you’re considering moving out yourself.

The High Cost Of Living

Living in Vancouver can be very expensive due to high property prices, rent costs and taxes imposed by both federal and provincial governments. According to recent statistics from The Economist’s Worldwide Cost Of Living Survey 2018 , Vancouver is ranked as one of the top 5 most expensive cities in North America with an overall cost index score that is nearly double the national average. This means that everyday items such as groceries or gasoline can cost significantly more than they do outside British Columbia resulting in higher living expenses for residents who decide not to relocate elsewhere..

Lower Tax Rates & Job Opportunities Elsewhere

In addition to costly living expenses there is also a lack of competitive job opportunities within British Columbia compared with other provinces across Canada which offer lower tax rates on income earned (e.g., Alberta). This coupled with limited job prospects makes relocating away from Vancouver seem like a viable option especially if you’re looking for career advancement or simply want some breathing room financially speaking . On top of this many young professionals seeking employment fresh out university often find themselves priced out by their peers forcing them into competition for jobs where their skillset isn’t necessarily up-to-date or relevant anymore . Furthermore there is no guarantee that these positions will provide enough income support them over time either leaving them unable pay rent let alone save money..

Rising Crime Rates & Traffic Congestion

As well as economic factors contributing towards people leaving Vancouver another key issue amongst locals relates directly back onto crime rates particularly around Downtown Eastside/Cambie Street area which have been steadily rising since 2010 . With increasing numbers gang related activities violent offences being recorded throughout neighbourhood its understandable why so many feel unsafe walking home at night now let alone trying run business here too . Additionally traffic congestion has become huge problem over last few years leading further delays commuters travelling work long commutes each day adding yet another element stress onto lives citizens living here ..


(Continued). Another factor pushing people away from metro areas within province includes lack recreational activities offered outside main cities e g hiking camping fishing etc cannot easily accessed without having drive several hours reach nearest spot site Also whilst majority attractions including amusement parks etc remain accessible they often come hefty price tag sometimes prohibitively so when factored weekly budget ..

< h 2 >Lack Of Affordable Housing One biggest issues facing those wishing stay live inside city limits current lack affordable housing market With demand far outweighing supply rents rapidly increasing beyond reach ordinary family incomes students Other alternative buying property usually involves sacrificing location quality accommodation order secure reasonable deal along mortgage payments deemed too excessive potential buyers turning away idea altogether ..

Conclusion: Despite all difficulties surrounding relocation process number people departing Metro Areas Province showing signs slowing down anytime soon Unfortunately only thing certain entire situation how need addressing order maintain livability region long term Before consider leaving take time look into various incentives programs designed help alleviate financial strains associated relocating new part country Ultimately decision lies solely individual whether opt stay put brave elements pursue different lifestyle somewhere else Knowing all facts hand however hopefully make informed educated choice best suits needs future aspirations …

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