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Top 9 Reasons Why Brits Move To Canada: The Ultimate Guide




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The idea of relocating to another country and starting a new life there can be intimidating. But for British citizens, Canada is an attractive option due to its high quality of life, relative proximity to the UK, and numerous job opportunities. In recent years, the numbers of Brits moving to Canada has been steadily increasing as more and more people recognize the various advantages of living in one of the most developed countries in the world.

In this guide we will explore why so many British nationals are moving from their homeland to start a new life in Canada – with all you need to know about immigration rules and regulations; cost-of-living comparisons between Britain and Canada; job prospects for expats; lifestyle aspects; different types of visas available – plus much more! So let’s get started…

1. Quality Of Life

First up on our list is quality of life: one factor that cannot be overlooked when considering a move abroad. And it’s no surprise that Canadians enjoy one of highest standards in living globally according to The Legatum Institute’s 2018 Prosperity Index — ranking second only behind Norway out 189 countries surveyed worldwide.

Canada offers both urban cityscapes along with vast stretches nature – making it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who crave adventure or want some peace and quiet away from everyday hustle bustle! Plus, with its famous healthcare system, low crime rates and excellent education system – what’s not love?

2. Immigration System & Process

Next up is immigration process — which was designed by Canadian Government simplify access into country while still finishing newcomers best interests during transition period.. To this end necessary documents must submitted before arrival including passport copy visa application form relevant health information etc.. Once paperwork completed applicants then invited take mandatory language test demonstrate knowledge English/French (depending province they settling) sit interview panel assess eligibility criteria established federal government.. Upon successful completion these steps eligible granted permanent residency status allowing them live work anywhere across nation without restrictions….

3. Different Types Of Visas Available

When planning move Canada there several different types visas available depending individual circumstances goals example.. Family sponsorship allows resident sponsor close relatives such parents siblings enter country provided meet certain requirements including proof relationship age medical examination criminal record check… Alternatively business entrepreneurs looking set shop overseas may apply entrepreneur visa which requires submission detailed business plan strong evidence financial resources sustain proposed venture well certification financial institutions… Similarly skilled foreign workers seeking employment within jurisdiction may join Express Entry program gather points based credentials increase chances being accepted into country receive employer nomination make entry procedure smoother quicker… All offering unique insight various ways getting feet through door!

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