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Which Vancouver Island Should You Visit? The Top 5 Destinations Revealed




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Why Visit Vancouver Island?

Are you looking to explore a stunning landscape, indulge in natural beauty, and have an unforgettable experience? Then look no further than Vancouver Island! This majestic island is located off the west coast of Canada and is home to some of the world’s most incredible scenery. From its rugged coastline to its lush forests, there are plenty of reasons why it’s become such a popular destination for travelers from all over.

Here at What To Do On Vacation, we know just how special this place can be. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on which Vancouver Island destinations should make your itinerary. Keep reading for our top picks – plus insider tips from local experts – that will help get you started on planning the trip of a lifetime!


If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure with breathtaking views, then Sooke should definitely be on your list. This charming town offers plenty of activities such as hiking trails through rainforests and kayaking trips along its picturesque coastline. You can even take part in whale watching tours or go fishing in one of many lakes around town if you’re feeling brave enough! For those who prefer more leisurely activities, there’s also plenty to do here; simply strolling along its scenic promenade or visiting some local shops and restaurants are great ways to spend time in Sooke too.


Heading down south takes us next to Victoria – the capital city of British Columbia and arguably one of Canada’s most iconic cities! With world-class museums, historic sites like The Empress Hotel & Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise (which was once home to Queen Elizabeth II), delicious seafood restaurants scattered throughout downtown streetscapes—there’s no shortage of exciting things here waiting for visitors. Plus don’t forget about Butchart Gardens – one must-see attraction that draws thousands each year due to its magnificent floral displays spread across 55 acres with 22 themed gardens full colors! We guarantee it’ll leave any traveler speechless upon first glance – so be sure not add it into your itinerary before leaving Victoria!


It wouldn’t be a trip out west without stopping by Tofino – another small coastal community but this time located at westernmost point north America (excluding Alaska). It boasts miles long beaches ideal surfing conditions during summer months while winter storms offer perfect opportunity stand up paddle boarding against fierce waves crashing shoreline below– definitely worth checking out if ever find yourself area regardless season comes along with it.. Additionally town filled amazing art galleries boutiques cafes locals friendly enough chat few words anyone who passes way through their day– so take moment enjoy unique culture being offered by locals during stay here too!.

Port Alberni While ocean front towns may seem enticing Port Alberni hidden gem situated between Nanaimo Courtenay . Although doesn’t boast same number attractions beach towns does have something them lack: mountain views ! Here visitors able experience true ruggedness Pacific Northwest while admiring snow capped peaks surrounding region stunning shades blue green within valleys rivers cascading downward nearby hillsides … Not mention these mountains come complete abundance wildlife including bears deer wolves making hike around area even more enjoyable (just remember safety precautions when doing so!).

< h 2 > Campbell River Last but not least we cannot forget about Campbell River beautiful fishing village northern end island . Whether catching fish dinner going whale watching boat tour deep sea excursion set sail towards Discovery Passage other landmarks near vicinity ; this spot has something everyone willing partake water related activity during their stay . And don’t worry landlubbers good news — there still lot see do around here ! Take stroll waterfront boardwalk browse local markets shop Front Street snap photos old steam train museum visit dipper pond nature walk .. possibilities endless what plan day when visiting Campbell River BC!.

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