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The Top 5 Countries That Are Furthest Ahead of the UK: A Comparison




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When you compare the UK to other countries around the world, it can be difficult to determine which one is furthest ahead in terms of economic performance, GDP, employment rate, infrastructure, education system, health care system, quality of life and innovation and technology. In this blog post we will look at five countries that are far ahead of the UK in these areas. We will examine their successes and failures as well as looking at what we can learn from them when striving for greater success here in the UK.


France has had a long history as an industrialized nation with strong industry sectors such as automobile manufacturing and aerospace engineering. It boasts an impressive level of educational attainment among its population; approximately 81% have completed secondary school or higher education compared to 72% in the UK. The country’s healthcare system is also highly regarded with 7 out 10 people believing they receive excellent care while only 5 out 10 feel this way about healthcare in Britain. France’s economy was ranked fourth globally by GDP per capita last year; again higher than that of the UK which ranked 13th overall. Additionally, its unemployment rate remains relatively low (at 8%) despite a high public debt-to-GDP ratio due to generous government spending on social welfare policies like unemployment insurance and pensions for retirees.


Germany consistently ranks highly amongst European nations due to its robust infrastructure network including roads ,railways ,high speed trains ,airports etc . It also has a resilient economy based on exports ; Germany’s exports account for more than half of its GDP . Education plays a big role too ; Germany has invested heavily into schools over recent years resulting in high levels academic achievement amongst students . Furthermore German citizens enjoy access to universal health care provided free at point use via private or public insurers . Lastly , German labour market regulations generally favour employees thus ensuring job security for workers making it one country where British citizens may wish gain employment if seeking better prospects abroad .


The Netherlands is renowned for having some Europe’s most advanced digital networks thanks largely investment made by government into fibre optics networks used deliver internet services throughout country cheaply efficiently resulting excellent connectivity speeds experienced those living there . Of course Dutch educational standard remain very good with 95 % achieving some form secondary qualification while 95 % those aged between 25 34 hold tertiary qualifications according OECD report 2016 figures – again much better than what seen across pond England Wales Scotland combined 87%. Being part EU allows access range benefits including subsidies given agricultural production meaning food affordable prices whilst also enjoying benefits accessed through single market trade agreements allowing goods services flow freely within various member states without impediments tariffs taxes custom duties fees etc…


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