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The Nicest Place In Vancouver To Live: An Insider’s Guide




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Vancouver, BC is one of the most sought-after cities in Canada. It’s no surprise that so many people are looking to live here as it offers a unique combination of natural beauty and urban life. With its mix of mountain views, oceanfront communities, vibrant cultural districts and diverse neighborhoods, Vancouver has something for everyone. But before you start packing your bags, there’s one important question: which neighborhood should you move to? Choosing the right neighborhood can make all the difference when it comes to your quality of life in Vancouver – from housing costs and transportation options to safety measures and amenities. Read on for our insider’s guide on what makes each area of Vancouver special – plus some key things to consider when making your decision about where to live!

Downtown Vancouver

If you’re an urbanite at heart who loves hustle and bustle then Downtown Vancouver is definitely worth considering. From high-rise apartments with unobstructed views of Burrard Inlet or False Creek to historic heritage buildings like The Orpheum Theatre or St Paul’s Hospital – living downtown puts everything within reach. Plus there are plenty of activities including Stanley Park Seawall or Granville Island Market plus trendy restaurants & bars and boutique shopping centers like Robson Street & Pacific Centre Mall just steps away from your front door! When it comes down rental costs they tend be higher than other parts of town but if convenience trumps budget then this may be the place for you!


Kitsilano (also known affectionately as ‘Kits’) is located between beautiful English Bay beach & Burrard Inlet on the west side offering residents stunning water views across downtown skyline. This area has become popular among young professionals due mostly in part because it boasts tons great dining spots – both casual & upscale – along with independent coffee shops & boutiques lining West 4th Avenue streetscape; also close proximity UBC means easy access university campus facilities such library gyms etc… When looking at accommodation options Kits mainly consists single family homes condos/apartments; however prices have been steadily increasing over last few years so expect pay premium stay here compared other neighborhoods around town.

West End
The West End neighbourhood is home fun-loving locals who love take advantage nearby beaches parks nightlife offerings nearby Davie Village entertainment strip (aka ‘Gaybourhood’). It also boasts several top universities including Simon Fraser University Emily Carr College Art Design giving students chance mingle amongst cosmopolitan crowd while exploring variety eateries galleries cafes surrounding areas–all within walking distance each other which makes daily commute breeze! If budget rather tight but still want enjoy city lifestyle then affordable rentals prevelant throughout district will offer good option get foot door into hip hood without breaking bank account !

< h 2 >Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant neighbourhood — situated east side along Main Street Cambie corridor — offers vibrant culture art scene alongside huge park green space False Creek Flats perfect outdoor activities leisurely strolls scenic pathways . This thriving community highly walkable cycling friendly with lots restaurants pubs breweries dotted around every corner; furthermore real estate market quite reasonable providing prospective buyers great opportunity purchase property relatively low cost compared similar areas down city centre . Housing styles range studio apartments row houses large multi family dwellings as well chic loft conversions warehouse conversions giving potential renters interesting selection choose from depending needs preferences .

< h 2 >Conclusion No matter what type lifestyle prefer there bound be perfect place call home amongst neighbourhoods we’ve discussed above ; whether that’s bustling metropolis vibrancy downtown artsy haven Kitsilano party loving West End chillaxed atmosphere Mount Pleasant sure find spot suits exactly . Whichever pick remember always check ratings research local amenities carefully before signing lease this way guarantee getting best value accommodation possible not mention truly enjoyable experience during stay !

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