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Exploring Greater Vancouver Zoo: A Comprehensive Guide To This Animal Sanctuary




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Exploring Greater Vancouver Zoo: A Comprehensive Guide To This Animal Sanctuary

Where is the Greater Vancouver Zoo?

The Greater Vancouver Zoo is conveniently located in Aldergrove, British Columbia, just 30 minutes east of downtown Vancouver. Established in 1970, the zoo has grown to encompass over 260 animals from around the world and covers an area of more than 100 acres. As one of Canada’s most popular attractions for families and wildlife enthusiasts alike, it’s no surprise that this animal sanctuary receives over 200 000 visitors each year!

What Animals Can You See at the Greater Vancouver Zoo?

From majestic lions to playful monkeys, you’ll be sure to find something unforgettable when visiting the Greater Vancouver Zoo. The African Savanna exhibits are home to a variety of species including giraffes, zebras, ostriches, antelopes and warthogs. In addition to these animals native to Africa there are also several species from other parts of the world such as Camels from Asia or Capybara from South America. There’s even a Nocturnal House where you can observe some fascinating creatures during their active hours!

How Do They Care For These Animals?
The staff at the GVZ take great care in providing a safe and comfortable environment for all their inhabitants. Each animal enclosure is designed specifically with its inhabitant’s needs in mind; ensuring they have plenty of space for exercise as well as access to food and water sources that keep them healthy and contented throughout their stay at this zoo. Furthermore many animals receive regular veterinary check-ups which help ensure they remain happy and healthy while living here!

Are There Other Activities Available At The GVZ ?
In addition to simply viewing these incredible creatures up close , visitors can participate in various educational programs that teach about conservation efforts needed worldwide or opt for behind-the-scenes tours which will give participants access into areas normally off limits . Plus , there are daily events like feeding times where guests get firsthand look at how zookeepers take care of everyone ! And don’t forget about Petting Farm – kids love having chance pet friendly goats , sheep , chickens & more !

< h 2 > What Else Should I Know About Visiting The GVZ ?
Aside from spending time observing (and potentially interacting) with amazing animals , make sure not miss out on any other amenities available here . Be sure pick up souvenirs at gift shop ; grab bite eat delicious snacks Café Safari ; enjoy one rides offered amusement park area; let little ones loose Adventure play structure full slides tunnels tunnels ! Lastly , parking provided free charge those who come car . With so much offer those looking fun – filled day family time nature exploration adventure … it almost guaranteed won’t regret visit !

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