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The Complete Guide to Where British People Live in Canada




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No matter where you’re from, Canada is an attractive place to live. The country offers a unique blend of cultures and landscapes – from the cityscape of Toronto to the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia. For many British people, the opportunity to experience North American life while still having access to their home culture has made Canada a popular destination for emigrating UK citizens in search of new opportunities and experiences.

In this article, we’ll explore how many British people live in Canada, what areas they tend to gravitate towards, and the impact that immigration has had on Canadian society. We’ll also take a look at some of the most popular cities for expat Britons living in Canada and investigate ways that British Canadians can connect with one another. Ready to learn more? Let’s dive in!

Who Are The British Canadians?

British-Canadians are individuals who are either born or naturalized citizens of both Britain and Canada but have ancestral ties primarily toward Britain or its former colonies such as Ireland or Australia. According to Statistics Canada (2016 census), there are over 2 million people who identify as being “primarily” ethnically English which makes up roughly 6% of all Canadians – accounting for almost 10% if Irish ancestry is included too! This number continues grow annually due largely increased immigration levels since 2020 when pandemic travel restrictions were implemented worldwide .

Where In Canada Do They Live?

It should come as no surprise then that large concentrations of Britons can be found throughout much of Eastern & Central provinces like Ontario & Quebec where major urban centers such as Toronto offer strong job prospects , excellent education systems , and vibrant cultural scenes . Meanwhile Atlantic provinces like New Brunswick & Nova Scotia host sizable Brit-populations due their historical roots within these regions respectively . Furthermore Alberta , Saskatchewan & Manitoba each have seen rising numbers recently particularly amongst retirees seeking lower costs -of-living and those escaping colder climates further east . Lastly it’s worth noting that even smaller rural communities across nation will often boast significant pockets native anglophones hailing originally from Great Britain so long story short quite literally anywhere could potentially comprise some form “Brits abroad” !

Advantages Of Living In A Multi-cultural Country Like Canada

There’s no denying it: moving halfway around world takes monumental effort courage yet ultimately rewards far greater than any hardship endured along journey ! Not only does embracing multi-culturalism open doors professional career options educational opportunities but allows everyone reap benefits diversity strength unity shared by all inhabitants regardless background origin etc… Despite sometimes challenging transitions involved adapting different lifestyles customs values etc.. ultimately being able unlock potential true global citizen something highly valuable both personally professionally speaking!

Connecting With Other British Canadians

Fortunately there exist countless outlets available online enabling anyone interested meet other expats same space — whether via forums message boards social media groups virtual meetings events etc… These provide invaluable platform connecting sharing ideas advice stories experiences travelling tips resources more besides thus allowing one fully integrate assimilate into wider community faster easier than ever before ! Additionally those feeling particularly adventurous might consider joining local clubs related activities ranging everything foodie nights pub quizzes neighbourhood walks book clubs whatever else tickle fancy … Whatever option choose sure discover rich rewarding landscape awaits everyone willing just go out there explore land sea sky alike 🙂

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