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The Best of Vancouver: 10 Things The City is Most Known For




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Vancouver is a pulsating city of beauty and culture that has something for everyone. Whether it be the breathtaking natural landscapes, the vibrant culinary scene or its unique architecture – Vancouver truly has it all! From exploring the nightlife to shopping till you drop, nature lovers to sports enthusiasts, there’s enough activities in Vancouver to keep you occupied whether you’re visiting for one day or spending a few weeks here. Let’s look at some of the top things this city is known for.

Stanley Park

No trip to Vancouver would be complete without taking in Stanley Park. The park occupies an area of 1,000 acres on a peninsula near downtown and offers visitors spectacular views from Prospect Point Lookout and Siwash Rock as well as plenty of opportunities for biking, walking or rollerblading around its many trails. You can also explore historic sites like the Totem Poles at Brockton Point and Lumberman’s Arch or cool off with a dip in Third Beach Pool during summer season.

Granville Island

Granville Island is another must-see destination when visiting Vancouver – offering everything from fresh produce stands and seafood restaurants to art galleries and live music venues – there’s so much to do here that it can easily take up an entire day! Take your time strolling around Granville Market while sampling tasty treats before heading out onto the water via False Creek Ferries where you can soak up stunning views along your journey between points A & B.


Once home to Vancouver’s earliest settlers, Gastown remains one of its most popular tourist attractions today thanks largely due to its cobbled streets lined with Victorian buildings housing trendy boutiques, independent retailers selling handmade items plus plenty more eateries than ever before (definitely worth checking out!). There are also guided tours available if you’d prefer someone else show off some local history within this quaint neighbourhood..

One cannot leave Vancouver without experiencing Capilano Suspension Bridge Park – suspended 230 feet above Capilano River below sits this incredible feat of engineering which offers guests amazing aerial views from a series of seven bridges connected over four different trails all leading back into lush rainforest surroundings full of wildlife & flora! The park also provides interactive activities such as educational talks about First Nations history plus tree top adventures among other fun experiences..

< h4 > Canada Place An iconic symbol representing modern Canadian identity since opening in 1986; Canada Place was designed by renowned architect Arthur Erickson whose vision was inspired by snow-capped mountains against ocean horizons – visible when looking towards Coal Harbour whilst standing atop this building located close by Stanley Park & Cruise Ship Terminal Pier B-C . This architectural marvel houses various entertainment centers including IMAX Theatre plus shopping malls under one roof giving visitors ample options ranging from dining areas , theatres , concerts , conventions center etcetera ..

< h5 >Vancouver Aquarium One should not miss visiting world renowned aquarium situated within Stanley Park , housing thousands species aquatic life forms notably Belugas dolphins additionally have interactive displays featuring variety creatures such as otters jellyfish seahorses etcetera . With focus marine mammal conservation research facility – open year round except Christmas Day providing insight into our fragile ecosystem ..

< h6 >Kitsilano Beach< p style = "margin: 0" > Another popular beach spot amidst locals tourists alike Kitsilano offers scenic beauty sandy shores along English Bay stretching approximately two kilometres coastline adjacent Vanier Par k ideal location swimming sunning jogging volleyball game s picnicking just relaxing watching sunset horizon . Plus added bonus having outdoor heated pool nearby come winter time ! ..

< 7Queen Elizabeth Park 7 >< p style = "margin: 0" > Crown jewel parks system Queen Elizabeth spans across 130 acres land found atop Little Mountain highest peak east side Downtown vantage point being south facing features magnificent vistas City skyline North Shore Mountains beyond making perfect place watch sun rise set behind mountain peaks majestic backdrop . Boasts colourful flower gardens diverse botanical collection shimmering lake reflecting sky above ideal spot hike bike picnic photograph perhaps even proposal marriage ! ..

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