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The Ultimate Guide to 6 Hours in Vancouver Airport: What To Do & See




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Time spent in airports can often feel like a waste of time – but it doesn’t have to be that way! With the right plan, you can make the most out of your 6-hour layover or delay at YVR (Vancouver International Airport). In this guide, we’ll give you all the best tips and tricks for enjoying your time at Vancouver Airport so you don’t miss out on any of its amenities. Read on to discover everything there is to do while waiting for your next flight in YVR.

Where To Shop & What To Buy?

If shopping is what you’re looking for, then look no further than Vancouver Airport’s duty free shops & boutiques. Whether it’s electronics, apparel, cosmetics or souvenirs that tickle your fancy; with more than 80 retail outlets ranging from high-end fashion stores such as Montblanc and Coach to classic Canadian giftware – there’s something here for everyone! Plus if you’re travelling internationally with a valid passport and boarding pass then take advantage of special customs regulations which allow travellers to purchase goods without paying taxes or duties – how great is that?!

Where To Eat & Drink?

With over 70 restaurants and cafes scattered throughout Vancouver Airport’s four terminals, finding a place to eat won’t be hard! Grab breakfast before boarding at one of their popular eateries like Tim Hortons or Starbucks; enjoy lunch with an ocean view at Salt Tastings Tapas Bar; indulge yourself in afternoon tapas platters from Cibo Bistro Italiano; finish off dinner with desserts from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory…the options are endless! If bar hopping is more up your alley then why not check out The Heineken Lounge where they offer fresh beer taps plus big screens broadcasting sporting events!? And if that wasn’t enough already YVR also has two wine bars offering an extensive selection of award-winning wines by the glass. Cheers!

Entertainment Options

When it comes down to entertainment options Vancouver airport offers plenty! You can catch up on reading material courtesy of their free newspaper stands (available near Gates A1–A20); visit their art gallery located in the domestic terminal building featuring works by local artists; watch movies on demand via Air Canada’s inflight entertainment system (available through most routes) OR check out one of their many live performances taking place daily including things like poetry readings..guerilla theatre..and even magic shows!.

Wi-Fi Access & Charging Stations For those needing access to technology during their stay – fear not because YVR has got both covered too!! All passengers flying within Canada qualify for complimentary Wi-Fi service provided by Air Canada whilst international travellers get access after signing into MyTrip – making staying connected easy peasy!! As far as charging stations go there are several scattered throughout each terminal equipped with USB ports as well as 110v power outlets perfect for recharging devices such as laptops/tablets etc…so no need worry about running low anytime soon either 🙂

< h 2 > Take A Nap Or Sleep At The Airport Last but certainly not least if sleep deprivation is catching up with ya’ then rest assured knowing y ou will find plenty places inside Vancouver airport designed especially just chillaxin’. From designated quiet zones providing comfortable chairs..benches..and couches ideal napping spots dedicated sleeping pods complete w/ built in mattresses blankets pillows ..& adjustable lighting settings allowing travelers adjust brightness setting according cozy preference — whatever option chooses sure find wonderful spot curl up keep night owl tendencies bay 😉

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