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What Time Is It In Vancouver?

Vancouver is located in the Pacific Time Zone and follows daylight savings time. The current local time in Vancouver is 9:57 AM on Tuesday, October 20th. To keep up with the current time, set your clocks ahead one hour during daylight savings from March-November each year.

Current Weather Conditions In Vancouver

As of 10:00AM on Tuesday, October 20th, the temperature was 8 degrees Celsius with a humidity level of 93%. Wind speed was 4 km/hr coming from South West direction at 0 m/s. There are no clouds reported for today’s weather report but light rain showers are expected later this afternoon.

7 Day Forecast For Vancouver

Monday (Oct 19): High 12°C | Low 6°C; Wind Speed 2 km/hr; Chance of Rain Showers 70%

Tuesday (Oct 20): High 8°C | Low 6°C; Wind Speed 4 km/hr; Chance of Rain Showers 50%

Wednesday (Oct 21): High 8°C | Low 5°C ;Wind Speed 3 km/hr; Chance of Rain Showers 40%

Thursday (Oct 22) :High 13 ° C|Low 7 ° C;Wind Speed 2km / hr ;Chance Of Rain showers 30 %

Friday( Oct 23) :High 15 ° C|Low 11 ° C;Wind speed 1km / hr ;Chance Of Snow showers 80 %
Saturday( Oct 24 ) :High 14 ° C|Low 10 ° C ;Wind speed 3km / hr ;No chance Of Precipitation Sunday( Oct 25 ) :High 14 ºc|Low 9º c ;Wind speed 2km / hr No chance Of Precipitation < h3 >Be Prepared With The Latest Weather Information Staying informed about local temperatures and forecasts can be beneficial when planning outdoor activities or day trips in and around Vancouver. Whether you’re looking to spend an afternoon exploring Stanley Park or taking a weekend road trip along Highway 99 to Whistler – make sure you stay ahead of changing weather patterns by checking out our 7 day forecast before leaving home!

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