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The Stunning Vancouver Swinging Bridge: All You Need To Know Before Your Visit!




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The History Of Vancouver’s Swinging Bridge

Vancouver is home to some of the most spectacular natural sights in Canada, and its swinging bridge is no exception. The bridge dates back to the late 19th century, when it was built by a local engineer. According to historical records, the bridge was originally used for people crossing an estuary on foot or horseback. Today, it has become one of Vancouver’s main attractions and features prominently in photos of the city skyline.

Construction And Design

Built over two years between 1887 and 1889, the swinging bridge is constructed from steel cables suspended between two towers that are anchored into concrete foundations on either side of Burrard Inlet. The current design allows up to four hundred people at a time to cross safely while taking in stunning views of downtown Vancouver and Stanley Park.

What To Expect During Your Visit

Visiting this unique landmark can be a thrilling experience! After crossing the 120-meter span you will find yourself standing atop a wooden platform overlooking English Bay with unobstructed views towards West Vancouver and Point Grey. As you make your way across you may notice some movement as other visitors take their turn on the beautiful structure – hence its name! Alongside these impressive views there are plenty of opportunities for photos along both sides so don’t forget your camera!

Tips For A Safe Visit

It goes without saying that safety should always come first when visiting any attraction like this one; so here are our top tips for making sure everyone enjoys their visit:

• Always use caution when crossing – stay away from edges and keep tight hold onto handrails if available;
• Wear flat soled shoes or sneakers with good grip; • Be aware that conditions may change quickly due to weather (i.e., winds); • Avoid running or jumping around on bridges as they can sway more than expected; • Make sure children remain supervised at all times; • Keep an eye out for wildlife – birds nesting underneath bridges can startle easily; & lastly… • Have fun!


All in all, visiting Vancouver’s iconic swinging bridge offers something special for everyone – from stunning vistas over English Bay to breathtakingly close encounters with nature’s beauty – not forgetting plentiful photo opportunities along the way too! With careful planning ahead your adventure will be safe as well as incredibly memorable – have fun out there!.

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