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Vancouver Population Overview

The city of Vancouver is located in the lower mainland region of British Columbia, Canada. It’s an incredibly diverse and vibrant city with a population estimated to be around 631,486 as of 2019. It’s one of the most densely populated cities in Canada, ranking second behind Toronto.

As for demographics, Vancouver is available known for its cultural diversity and acceptance. According to data from Statistics Canada, about 51% of residents are white while 49% identify with minority groups such as Chinese (19%), South Asian (13%), Filipino (8%) and Aboriginal peoples (6%). The median age here is 41 years old – slightly higher than the national average – but it still boasts a youthful population according to figures released by the City of Vancouver; approximately half are between 18-44 years old while 25% are over 44 years old. Of those living in Vancouver, 22% claim English as their first language while 23% speak Mandarin or Cantonese alone or alongside other languages.

Vancouver’s Growing Economy & Living Standards

In terms of employment opportunities, there are plenty available within this bustling metropolis thanks to its rapidly growing economy that relies on service industries such as technology and tourism for its livelihood. The unemployment rate here stands at 5%, which is well below the national average; meaning you have a good chance at finding work here if you’re looking! Additionally, wages tend to be higher than other parts of Canada due largely in part because living costs can also be quite high too! With all these factors taken into account it should come as no surprise why people flock towards this beautiful coastal city…

Living In Vancouver: A Summary

So what does it mean when we take all these facts into consideration? Well put simply – if you’re thinking about moving to Vancouver then you can expect a vibrant community full of culture that offers great job prospects coupled with great wages but equally high living expenses too! It might not be cheap but life certainly isn’t dull either so maybe give it some thought…

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