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Exploring Vancouver’s PNE Forum: What You Need To Know Before You Go




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Exploring Vancouver’s PNE Forum: What You Need To Know Before You Go

When it comes to entertainment venues, few places in Vancouver can compete with the Pacific National Exhibition Forum. Located in the vibrant and diverse city of Vancouver, this arena has been drawing crowds for decades. With its wide selection of events and activities, there is something for everyone at the PNE Forum. If you’re planning a visit to this iconic venue, here is what you need to know before you go!

The History Of The PNE Forum

The Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) was originally founded back in 1910 as an agricultural fair by the British Columbia government. Over time it evolved into one of Canada’s most popular sporting and entertainment venues hosting world-class acts like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Led Zeppelin among many others throughout the years. In 1969 a new multi-purpose facility was built on site which was named The Coliseum (now known as The Forum). Since then it has been home to some of Canada’s most celebrated moments including Team Canada’s 1972 Summit Series triumph over Russia or NHL hockey games featuring teams such as the Canucks or Flames .

What Can You Expect When Visiting?

Visitors will be delighted by all that is on offer when they pay a visit to the PNE Forum. With its large capacity seating up to 14,000 guests there really is something suitable for everyone – from concerts featuring some of today’s hottest music stars right through sports events like UFC fights or Monster Truck rallies – there really won’t be any shortage of things to do at this amazing venue! Additionally visitors have access to concessions stands located within easy reach allowing them grab refreshments without having to leave their seats mid-show – perfect if your visiting with friends/family members who don’t want miss out on any action during their experience!

Tips For Making The Most Out Of Your Visit

If your planning a trip down memory lane by attending one off those iconic classic shows from yesteryear then make sure you arrive early so that you can get yourself settled before showtime starts! Additionally if your heading along for an event with younger children then make sure that they are adequately prepared and familiarized with stadium etiquette beforehand; we all want our kids enjoy themselves but safety must come first after all!. Also check online ahead off time regarding prohibited items such as outside food & drinks; while these are generally not allowed inside stadiums – certain exceptions may apply depending upon individual circumstances so always double check beforehand just incase!. Finally why not take advantage of discounts available via prebooking tickets online prior too arrival? Many venues offer exclusive deals & promotions only available via booking early which can save both money & energy when compared too buying tickets day off !


From sports fans looking for thrilling matches between Canadian favourites like Hockey Night In Canada through too music aficionados searching out unique live performances ,there truly isn’t anything quite like experiencing events at Vancouver’s very own Pacific National Exhibitions’ forum . So whether your planning family outing or solo excursion – head down toe he PNE forum where memories await…good luck !

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