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What is Vancouver’s MRT?

Vancouver’s MRT system, or Metro Rapid Transit, is a fast and efficient way to travel around the city. It consists of four main lines that span out from downtown and connect to many of the major areas in the city. This rapid transit system provides a convenient option for commuters and tourists alike who want to explore all that this beautiful coastal city has to offer. The four lines are: Expo Line, Millennium Line, Canada Line, and SeaBus.

Expo Line

The Expo line runs between north-east Burrard Station in downtown Vancouver all the way out eastward towards Surrey BC. Riders can enjoy scenic views of False Creek as they make their way along this route which makes stops at some major attractions such as Science World and Commercial Drive station. The total journey takes approximately one hour depending on traffic conditions so it’s important to plan ahead if you need to be somewhere on time!

Millennium Line

The Millennium line follows much of the same route as the Expo line but branches off towards Central Broadway station before continuing northwards up through Burnaby towards Coquitlam Centre station where it terminates its service for now (the Evergreen extension should open later this year). Notable stops include Waterfront Station (where riders can transfer onto other services), Granville Island Station near South Main Street shopping district, plus Metrotown Mall in Burnaby – great places for visitors looking for something fun or interesting things do during their stay!

Canada Line

This important transit line connects passengers directly with Vancouver International Airport (YVR) via two different routes – one heading eastbound from downtown Richmond-Brighouse station while another travels westwards starting at YVR airport itself! Stops along these routes include key locations like Marine Drive station near Granville Island Market or King Edward Avenue which serves UBC campus area plus plenty more – allowing travelers easy access no matter what part of town they happen be staying at during their visit here!

Finally, there is also SeaBus – an iconic ferry service running between Downtown Vancouver’s Waterfront terminal over into North Van Lonsdale Quay market area across Burrard Inlet waterside promenade . This unique mode of transportation offers breathtaking views from its decks while sailing past iconic landmarks like Lions Gate Bridge & Stanley Park – definitely something worth experiencing if you have time ! Additionally , regular sailings occur every 15 minutes throughout most hours day so riders don’t have worry about missing out either when planning trips around town too!.

Tickets & Fares

Now that you know what each individual service entails , let’s talk about how much money travelling by public transportation will cost here ! Single ride fares start just $ 2 . 75 per person while daily passes are available too ($ 9 ) , allowing unlimited rides within 24 hours period after purchase date until expiry … However , discounted tickets may apply certain age groups including Students/Seniors citizens etcetera – check website further details regarding eligibility requirements rules regulations associated with these types travel incentives ..


So there we have it ! A comprehensive overview everything related Toronto’s MRT system: routes served , ticket pricing structure even bonus discounts those who qualify them . Whether commuting work taking leisurely stroll tourist attraction nearby neighbourhood … There really no better faster easier way get around than using modern convenience very own metro rail network today ..

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