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Exploring Vancouver Island University: A Guide To The Campus & Life Beyond




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About Vancouver Island University

Vancouver Island University (VIU) is a public university located in Nanaimo, BC. It was founded in 1936 as the Malaspina College and has since grown to become one of Canada’s top universities, with over 14,000 students from around the world enrolled each year. With its renowned academic programs, vibrant campus life and stunning natural surroundings, VIU offers an unforgettable university experience.

At VIU you can pursue undergraduate degrees such as Environmental Science or Business Administration, graduate degrees such as Educational Leadership or Public Administration and Diplomas in areas like Tourism Management or Visual Arts & Design. Each program is taught by highly qualified instructors who are dedicated to student success. And with hands-on learning opportunities like internships and research projects too –you’ll be well equipped for your future career!

Campus Life at VIU

When not studying hard at their courses and completing assignments -students at Vancouver Island University have plenty of time to enjoy all that campus life has to offer! From clubs and organizations to sports teams – there’s something for everyone here whether you’re looking for a leisurely game of badminton after class or joining one of many student societies on campus like the VIBE Club (which stands for ‘Volunteer In Building Excellence’). To ensure every student feels welcome there are also several dedicated spaces available where they can relax with friends while enjoying refreshments from local vendors inside our food court area outside on the lawns when it’s sunny out! For those who prefer more solitary activities; there are fitness centres open 24/7 so no matter what time it is -you can always stay active here at VIU which makes us proud!

Exploring Beyond Campus

Once you step off-campus -there is even more adventure awaiting! The city of Nanaimo provides endless amounts entertainment options that range from unique shops selling locally made goods along Commercial Street downtown all the way up north where outdoor enthusiasts will find numerous trails leading into some truly breathtaking landscapes . Whether you want to go kayaking through majestic coves surrounded by lush forest foliage or take in breathtaking views from atop Mt Benson –the possibilities really do seem limitless here which makes this place so special!. There are also various events held throughout year such as Harbour City Days celebrating Nanaimo’s rich maritime heritage complete with live music performances right next door at Maffeo Sutton Park just steps away from our very own waterfront location!.


All things considered; it should come as no surprise why we believe Vancouver Island University stands apart among other Canadian higher education institutions: Our incredible faculty members strive everyday towards excellence while providing unparalleled support throughout your studies; Our vibrant campus life encourages creativity expression among peers through various events initiatives; And last but definitely not least – Our beautiful surroundings make any outdoor activity an absolute pleasure whether exploring nearby forests riverside beaches ! So why wait? Discover why students have chosen this incredible institution today by visiting us online !

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