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A Guide to Vancouver Humidity by Month: Uncovering the Secrets of Vancouver’s Climate




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Vancouver is known for its temperate climate and lush green forests, but how does humidity factor into the equation? With monthly average humidity levels ranging from 50-90%, it’s essential to understand what to expect when visiting this coastal city. In this guide, we’ll uncover the secrets of Vancouver’s climate, exploring what you can expect in terms of humidity month by month. Read on to get up-to-date insights on seasonal trends in Vancouver so that you can plan your next visit accordingly!


The first month of the year brings a moderate level of humidity to Vancouver with an average reading between 55% and 65%. If you’re visiting during January, you may want to pack some lightweight layers as temperatures tend to be slightly cooler than later months. Along with mild temperatures comes frequent rain showers which make waterproof gear a must if planning any outdoor activities. However don’t let these minor inconveniences prevent you from enjoying all that Vancouver has to offer – there are plenty of indoor activities too!


As February hits, so does winter weather with an average temperature hovering around 2°C (36°F). Humidity also takes a slight dip throughout the month recording readings between 45% and 60%. While this tends to be one of the drier months in terms of precipitation (averaging 4 inches), visitors should still come prepared for wet weather just in case. Despite lower temperatures, visitors will find plenty do indoors including world class restaurants and theaters as well as exciting outdoor attractions like skiing or snowshoeing at nearby Grouse Mountain.


March marks the start springtime in Vancouver with warmer temperatures and higher levels of humidity hovering around 70%. This is also typically one wettest months averaging over 5 inches worth precipitation; however most days feature sunny skies amidst light showers making it ideal conditions for sightseeing outdoors! Visitors should consider bringing both warm layered clothing items such as sweaters paired with waterproof outerwear like umbrellas or raincoats depending on their activity preference.


As April nears closer towards summertime weather patterns begin shifting again leading towards high levels humidty reaching upwards 80%-90%. Don’t worry though – despite higher moisture content most days remain quite pleasant due partially thanks extra hours sunshine each day increasing daylight hours up almost 13 hrs per day! Make sure bring along sun protection such hats sunglasses sunscreen otherwise risk getting caught off guard sudden downpours typical afternoons late evenings .

< h 2 >May May continues trend set previous month high amounts moisture air accompanied clear blue skies perfect taking advantage all outdoor activities offered beautiful city . Average readings range 85 % – 95 % meaning visitors need dress accordingly choosing lightweight breathable materials keep cool while still having optimal protection against possible rain showers brought by breezes coming ocean . Another perk time year blooming flowers trees making great time explore local parks gardens !

< h 2 >June June brings even more intense heat reachings highs 30 degrees Celsius ( 86 Fahrenheit ) combined lowest amount annual rainfall approximating 3 inches meaning less chance encountering wet conditions outdoors . Despite scorching hot days general rule thumb comfortability wise wear loose fitting shorts t shirt combination stay cool comfortable outside remains same regardless tempature forecasted ! Last but not least , remember always carry bottle water around stay hydrated especially long hikes through nature trails located area .

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