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Shining a Light On Homelessness in Vancouver’s Hastings: What You Need To Know




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The History Of Homelessness In Vancouver’s Hastings District

Vancouver is often seen as a beautiful, modern city. But beneath this glimmer of glamour lies an uncomfortable reality: many people in our communities are living without homes and struggling to survive. The issue of homelessness has plagued the city for decades, but it’s become more visible since the mid-2000s when Canada was hit by an economic recession. This led to increasing rates of unemployment, poverty, and housing unaffordability; all factors that contribute to rising levels of homelessness in areas such as Vancouver’s Hastings district.

For many years now, those affected by homelessness have not been given the attention they deserve by mainstream media or government policy makers. To make matters worse, criminalizing laws were put into place that created even greater stigma around those on the streets and made it harder for them to access necessary services needed for survival such as food banks or shelters.

A Closer Look At Current Conditions In The Area

Today there is estimated to be over 2000 homeless individuals in Vancouver’s Hastings area alone — a statistic that continues to rise with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Those most at risk include Indigenous Peoples (17%) and youth (16%), making up just under one third of all homeless individuals within this region — groups which should always be taken into account when looking at any kind of solutions proposed going forward .

Housing affordability within this part of town is also extremely limited due to high rental prices coupled with strict income requirements imposed on potential tenants which makes finding affordable dwellings near impossible for many people here — particularly those who are low-income earners or single parents trying their best just to get by .

What’s Being Done To Help?

Thankfully there are current initiatives being implemented across different sectors working together towards making a difference on these issues both locally and nationally including campaigns run through non-profit organizations like Our Place Society providing meals along with other essential services , new funding measures announced recently from national governments aiming at tackling rough sleeping (a form where individuals don’t use shelters) , plus plans from local authorities dedicated towards helping create more secure housing solutions with affordable rent prices .


In short it’s clear that much progress needs still needs to be done if we wish combatting homelessness in places like Vancouver’s Hastings district is going succeed – but awareness about what’s happening combined with tangible efforts described above tell us there may still be hope yet for vulnerable members our society today

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