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Cheer On The Vancouver Giants: A Guide To Attending Hockey Games




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Many of us have grown up with hockey as a part of our lives. Whether it’s cheering on our hometown team or watching the pros play, there’s nothing like experiencing the excitement and energy of live hockey games. If you’re in Vancouver, you can join in on the fun by checking out one of Canada’s most successful junior teams: The Vancouver Giants. This guide will take you through all the details for attending a game including ticket prices, seating options and more!

Ticket Prices

When it comes to ticket prices for attending a Vancouver Giants game, there are several options available. You can buy tickets online through Ticketmaster or at any participating outlet around town. Prices vary depending on the type of seat and day of week but generally range from $15-$25 per ticket plus applicable taxes and fees. Group discounts may be available if you purchase 10 or more tickets at once – just ask when you’re buying your tickets!

Seating Options

The Pacific Coliseum is where home games are played so make sure to check that when looking for seating options – other venues may host away games throughout British Columbia but these should be clearly marked when looking for tickets online or in person. With over 8500 seats spread across 7 sections (including VIP boxes), there is something to suit everyone’s budget and preference at every game regardless if they’re seeking front row action near centre ice or an upper level viewing experience closer to their favourite player’s bench!

Game Day Experience

Once inside the arena, spectators will find plenty going on before puck drop as well as during intermissions between periods one two three…and four (if necessary)! From food concessions offering up traditional favourites such as popcorn & hotdogs alongside craft beer selections & snacks -to- music performances from local bands & DJs that get fans hyped up between whistles; plus limited edition souvenirs available only inside Pacific Coliseum -the atmosphere is always electric no matter what time year round!

What To Wear? As far as attire goes -you’ll want to dress warmly since temperatures inside arenas tend to drop significantly compared outside temps especially later into evening hours; and while jerseys aren’t mandatory they do add additional fanfare so consider wearing yours proudly if ya got ’em 😉

< h 1 >Parking/Transit Options Depending how far away from downtown core area ya live — parking directly surrounding Pacific Coliseum could prove tricky due its location within residential neighborhood limits; however lots located nearby typically cost about $15/day with easy access via major bus routes along Hastings Street corridor…

Meanwhile transit riders wanting attend Giants’ games will find multiple SkyTrain stops conveniently located within walking distance coliseum itself making public transportation perfect way get venue without having bother car traffic congestion typically seen around big events otherwise 🙂

< h 1 >Conclusion Attending live hockey games always thrilling experience no matter who playing–so why not join thousands others fill stands cheer loudest bunch Western Hockey League?! With affordable prices great selection seatingoptions variety event related activities offers something everyone enjoy–so don’t miss opportunity catch some fast paced action courtesy very own Vancouver Giants both home away this season!!

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