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Explore The Art Scene: Discover Vancouver’s Best Galleries & Museums




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Explore the Art Scene: Discover Vancouver’s Best Galleries & Museums

Vancouver is a city of culture. With some of the world’s best galleries, museums and art spaces to explore, you’re sure to find something special in its stunningly diverse art scene. From modern art to traditional sculptures, this vibrant city offers a wide range of creative options for your next masterpiece. Whether you’re looking for an interactive experience or just browsing around, here are some places you should visit on your journey through Vancouver’s unique art scene.

Vancouver Art Gallery

The Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG) is one of Canada’s leading visual arts institutions and has been exhibiting artwork from local and international artists since 1931. The VAG features both permanent collections as well as rotating exhibitions showcasing works by Canadian masters such as Emily Carr and Lawren Harris alongside contemporary pieces by emerging talents like Brian Jungen and Stan Douglas. Take time out to explore the gallery’s grand interior before popping into their café which serves delicious homemade food made with locally sourced ingredients – perfect for refueling after a day spent taking in all that culture!

Contemporary Art Gallery

If it’s contemporary exhibits you’re after then head over to the Contemporary Art Gallery (CAG). Located in downtown Vancouver, CAG was founded in 1984 with the mission of supporting new work by British Columbian artists while providing free access to anyone interested in experiencing contemporary visual culture first-hand. In addition to regular exhibitions featuring works from local talents like Heather Passmore alongside global names like Ai Weiwei, CAG also hosts lectures series on topics ranging from philosophy to architecture – making it even easier for visitors get inspired about all things arty related!

Museum Of Anthropology

No trip exploring Vancouver’s cultural heritage would be complete without paying a visit to UBC’s Museum Of Anthropology (MOA). Here visitors can take part in guided tours that allow them delve into fascinating cultures dating back thousands of years while admiring iconic Haida totem poles crafted by master carvers over centuries ago – there really isn’t anywhere else quite like this museum!. Aside from being able discover ancient artefacts MOA also runs programs suitable for children aged 6–12 giving kids an exciting opportunity learn more about anthropology at first hand!

Studio Records & City Tour

For those who are looking something different why not try taking Studio Records’ ever popular audio tour? This self guided walking excursion introduces visitors some great lesser known spots throughout the city including independent record stores tucked away behind Chinatown plus offbeat galleries that showcase local up-and-coming talent – definitely worth checking out if you want add little excitement your usual sightseeing routine!



From historically significant institutions such as MOA right down smaller venues presenting fresh perspectives on artistic expression – there no shortage opportunities discover what makes Vancouver truly remarkable when it comes embracing creativity within its community so make sure hit up these amazing locations next time ‘re exploring BC capital region!.

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