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The Best Furniture Stores In Vancouver: Where To Shop For The Perfect Piece




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Are you shopping for furniture in Vancouver? Whether it’s a new dining table, a comfy couch or just something to spruce up your space, the city has plenty of options. From rustic and vintage finds to modern designs and everything in between, there are lots of great stores where you can find the perfect piece of furniture. Here’s our roundup of the best places to shop for furniture in Vancouver.

Urban Barn

Urban Barn is one of the most popular furniture stores in Vancouver. The store specializes in modern pieces with an emphasis on quality craftsmanship and design. You’ll find stylish couches, tables, chairs and more—all at affordable prices. Plus they offer free shipping when you spend over $150 so it’s easy to get the perfect piece without breaking your budget!

Vintage Warehouse

If you’re looking for something unique and timeless, Vintage Warehouse is worth checking out. Located near Commercial Drive, this warehouse-style shop carries pre-loved pieces from all decades—from midcentury classics to retro treasures from past eras. While some items may need a bit of restoration work done before they’re ready for use again (think reupholstering an old sofa), others may be perfectly fine as is. With its eclectic selection and reasonable prices, Vintage Warehouse makes it easy to find that special piece with character!

Sofa Company

For contemporary styles at unbeatable prices look no further than Sofa Company. This family owned business has been serving customers since 1981 offering high quality custom sofas & sectionals at competitive rates that won’t break your budget either! From timeless leather models to sleek fabric ones they’ve got options range as wide as their selection ! They even have unique corner units which make any room feel extra spacious – perfect if you’re trying make do with limited square footage .

Furniture World Marketplace offers both classic looks & contemporary designs making them well worth checking out if you’re searching for variety . Their collection includes traditional wood furnishings , elegant antiques & designer brands like Bernhardt , Hooker Furniture & LaZBoy . If cost’s an issue don’t worry —they carry multiple lines priced depending on materials used so everyone can look good without breaking bank ! Plus , their knowledgeable staff provide helpful advice about what will fit into not just home but lifestyle too .

< h 2 > Dania Home Design Centre For those seeking luxurious accents Dania Home Design Centre should be top pick . This store stocks only finest Italian imported services ranging from bedroom sets living rooms dining areas plus more ! And though price tags higher than average these selections come exquisite details such impeccably finished woodwork sophisticated fabrics intricate carving patterns – making them surefire way add touch class any space !

< h 2 >Conclusion Shopping around right kind furniture doesn ‘ t have daunting task thanks these stellar shops located throughout Vancouver area . Whether looking classic style statement piece or simply something comfortable practical each these locations house solutions whatever needs might be – happy hunting !

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