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A Look Inside Vancouver FC’s Stunning Stadium: Where the Magic Happens




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A Look Inside Vancouver FC’s Stunning Stadium: Where the Magic Happens

Vancouver FC is one of the most recognizable soccer teams in Canada. They play their home games at BC Place, a stunning stadium located in downtown Vancouver with a capacity of over 55,000 spectators. The stadium has been home to some epic matches and memorable moments since its opening in 1983, and it’s no surprise that fans flock here to experience the electric atmosphere created by passionate fans. But what is it like inside this impressive venue? Let’s take an inside look at BC Place!

BC Place History

BC Place was built as part of Expo 86 (the World’s Fair held in Vancouver) and opened on June 19th 1983. Since then, it has gone through two major renovations – the first in 2010 when retractable roof technology was added to create an indoor/outdoor stadium; and the second from 2014-2015 which included new seating configurations for both football and baseball games as well as improved sight lines.

The Stadium Experience

There are few experiences quite like watching a match live at BC Place! Fans can feel the energy radiating off fellow supporters during every tackle or long pass made by their favorite team. Supporters also have access to modern amenities such as high-definition video screens placed all around the arena which offer replays, statistics and more – incorporating technology into fan engagement without detracting from traditional aspects of attending a match up close. Furthermore, food vendors offer delicious snacks fit for any taste bud while local craft beer companies provide thirst quenching libations so you don’t miss out on any action while getting refreshments!

Concert Venue

In addition to hosting regular season football matches throughout each year, BC place is also used for large concerts throughout summer months with big name acts such as Taylor Swift or U2 playing shows there recently. With a huge stage set up near midfield providing unobstructed views from anywhere within its walls plus amazing acoustics carrying sound across vast distances – this building quickly becomes transformed into mecca for music lovers eagerness get lost within music being played out before them!

Interesting Facts about BC Place

Did you know that one end zone seats were built 76 cm higher than other side due to sloping terrain beneath stands? This makes sure everyone gets same great view regardless where they’re sitting! Also worth noting is fact that construction costs involved creating this magnificent structure totaled $126 million dollars back when doors first opened 1983 – but current estimated value today sits closer 300 million mark given upgrades undergone since then over last 4 decades or so…talk about lasting legacy right!? Last fun fact involve LED lights along exterior facade changing colors depending event taking place inside-so make sure come check out these awesome visuals next time visit city theatre if ever chance arises!!

< h4 >Conclusion

From world class sporting events featuring teams like our very own beloved Vancouver Football Club down unforgettable concert memories provided by countless icons who’ve graced stage throughout years–there certainly be something special happening every time step foot onto hallowed grounds known simply “BC Place”. So next time looking catch show town or cheering your team victory , make sure swing stop by this iconic venue see just why locals hold it dear hearts . See ya soon !

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