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Vancouver FC CPL: The Ultimate Guide To Cheering On Vancouver’s Pro Soccer Team




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Intro: What Is The Vancouver FC CPL?

The Vancouver Football Club (Vancouver FC) of the Canadian Premier League (CPL) is bringing professional soccer to British Columbia. Launched in 2019, this team offers fans an opportunity to cheer on their hometown heroes and enjoy a thrilling live match experience. Whether you’re a fan of the sport or simply looking for something new to do, attending a Vancouver FC match can be an unforgettable experience.

Where Can You Find Them?

Vancouver FC currently plays at UBC’s Thunderbird Stadium located at 6066 Thunderbird Blvd on the University Endowment Lands in Point Grey. With its close proximity to downtown and easily accessible transportation options, it’s easy for locals and visitors alike to attend games without worrying about long commutes.

When Do They Play?

As part of the CPL, Vancouver FC plays from April through October with regular season matches usually taking place once per week during that time frame – typically Saturdays or Sundays depending on scheduling conflicts with other teams in the league. Of course all dates are subject to change so keep an eye out for updates via the team social media accounts or website!

How To Get Tickets

The best way to purchase tickets is online via Ticketmaster Canada or directly from the official club shop which sells them at discounted prices compared to those listed by Ticketmaster – just head over there before each home game if you want access some exclusive deals! Additionally, student discounts are available as well so make sure you take advantage of that if applicable!

Supporters Groups & Fan Resources
If you’re looking for more ways show your support beyond simply buying tickets then look no further than joining one of Vancouver FC’s supporters groups such as Southsiders BC who have been cheering since day one back when they were known as Whitecaps 2! They offer everything from pre-match tailgates where everyone gets together before kickoff time until post-game celebrations afterwards – plus tons more throughout year round activities like community events and fundraisers etc… Plus they also provide great resources like banners/flags/scarves etc so anyone interested should definitely check them out!

< h3 > Other Ways To Show Your Support
Lastly but certainly not least – don’t forget that sports fandom isn’t limited only going out watching live games but extends far beyond just that into things like following along with broadcasts online streaming services such as DAZN Canada; wearing apparel related merchandise; participating in social media conversations around various topics related team news players’ performances etc… All these things combined will ensure success both now future years come so go ahead get involved show love hearts pride wherever possible !

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