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Exploring Vancouver East Hastings: The Hidden Treasures You Need To See




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Exploring Vancouver East Hastings: The Hidden Treasures You Need To See

When you think of Vancouver, chances are the images that come to mind first are of the bustling downtown core and its iconic skyline. But if you venture east, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, you will find a hidden gem that is often overlooked – Vancouver East Hastings. This unique neighbourhood has been historically marginalized but is quickly becoming one of the most vibrant areas in town. With an eclectic mix of restaurants, galleries, music venues and more – there is something for everyone in this off-the-beaten-path area. Here’s what to expect when exploring Vancouver East Hastings!

Discover Unique Restaurants

Vancouver East Hastings boasts some truly unique dining experiences – from vegan eateries to high end sushi bars – no matter what your taste buds desire can be found here! For those looking for plant based options or just wanting something different than your typical restaurant fare then check out places like Hives Cafe & Bakery or Jamjar Canteen & Grocery which both offer up delicious dishes made with locally sourced ingredients and infused with local culture. If Mexican cuisine is more your style then head over to La Taqueria Pinche Taco Shop where they serve up traditional tacos made with fresh ingredients every day!

Explore Local Art Galleries

Not only does VanEast have great food but it also has some amazing art galleries showcasing everything from street art murals to contemporary pieces created by talented local artists. One must visit spot on any trip through the area is Arts Factory Society which features various eclectic works as well as host workshops throughout the year providing education on sustainable arts practices while giving back to their community at large. Another must see gallery in Vancouver East Hastings is Interurban Gallery which hosts exhibitions by emerging Canadian talent featuring multimedia installations as well as painting and sculpture work – there really is something for everyone here!

Listen To Live Music

For those who want a night out listening to live music then look no further than Electric Owl Social Club located just off Main Street near Commercial Drive– this cozy venue offers up a variety of genres including folk rock, indie pop and even hip hop every week so make sure not miss out on one their amazing shows! Looking for something more low key? Then make sure check out Little Mountain Studios located near Renfrew Street where acoustic performances take place weekly in an intimate setting perfect for enjoying drinks with friends or just taking in some tunes alone – either way it’s worth checking out if you’re ever exploring VanEast around sunset time!

Enjoy Secret Gardens

No exploration through Vancity would be complete without visiting one its many secret gardens hidden amongst its streets–these peaceful oases are scattered throughout VanEast offering locals respite from busy urban life while helping bring nature into our everyday lives–one such garden can be found behind Cafe Deux Soleils at Commercial Drive where lush greenery awaits visitors amidst twinkle lights strewn above rustic wooden furniture creating perfect atmosphere relaxation after long days sightseeing around town ! Make sure add these gems list when visiting next time connect humanity beauty nature provides !

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