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Discover Vancouver Dump Hours Of Operation: Learn When It’s Open & Closed




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Have you been considering a trip to the Vancouver Dump but aren’t sure when they’re open? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Here’s all the information you need about hours of operation, location, and more. Find out when it’s open and closed so you don’t miss a beat! Read on to discover more about one of Vancouver’s most popular destinations.

Vancouver Dump: Hours Of Operation

The Vancouver Dump is open from 7am-7pm Monday through Saturday, making it easy for anyone with a busy lifestyle to get in some quality dump time during their day off work or school. The dump is also available for dropoff on Sundays from 9am-4pm, allowing people who can’t make it during weekdays an opportunity to do their part in keeping our city clean!

Location & Directions

The Vancouver Dump is located at 3255 West Georgia Street in Downtown Vancouver. It’s easily accessible by car or public transportation from any part of the city – just hop onto the SkyTrain or take your bike and you’ll be there in no time! Plus, with plenty of parking options nearby, getting around won’t be an issue either.

Accepted Items & Fees

The Vancouver Dump accepts most types of garbage such as household waste including plastics, paper products and food scraps; recyclables like cans and bottles; yard trimming; construction debris (e.g., wood); hazardous materials such as oil paints; electronics (but not batteries); mattresses; furniture items; tires (for a fee). There are different fees associated depending on what type of item(s) are being disposed – check out their website for full details before heading over!

Special Programs & Events

In addition to regular business hours at the dump site itself, there are often special events happening throughout each month that allow residents to dispose of certain items free-of-charge or even pick up something new from other locals who may have dropped off unwanted goods instead throwing them away themselves – how cool is that? Some programs include community composting days where people come together in support of reducing landfill waste as well as used appliance collection days where large appliances can be recycled rather than taking up space unnecessarily. Check out their website regularly for updates on these events!.

< h 2 >Conclusion In conclusion , if you ‘ re looking for information regarding hours , directions , accepted items , fees , special programs and/or events related to the Vancouver Dump then this guide should provide everything needed . With extended opening times every day during both weekdays and weekends combined with convenient access via public transport or car plus amazing specials programs running periodically throughout each month – why wait ? Plan your next trip today !

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