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Vancouver is an exciting city with a range of attractions, gorgeous scenery and plenty of delicious eats. Whether you’re visiting for the weekend or looking to stay a while, there’s no shortage of things to do around this vibrant coastal town. With our guide, you’ll get the inside scoop on all the best places to visit in Vancouver.

Gastown & Downtown

Start your journey through Vancouver with a walk around Gastown and Downtown. This area offers up plenty of great shopping opportunities and scenic spots along its cobblestone streets and alleys. Take a stroll down Water Street for some unique boutiques, or wander over to Granville Island Public Market for one-of-a-kind souvenirs from local artisans – it’s also home to some delicious food options like freshly baked breads, homemade jams and more! For nightlife seekers, head over to Yaletown where you can find plenty of bars and restaurants that are perfect for grabbing drinks after work or catching up with friends over dinner.

Stanley Park

No trip is complete without taking some time out at beautiful Stanley Park! Located right by downtown Vancouver’s waterfront lies this lush urban oasis full of trails winding through forests filled with Douglas Firs – not forgetting breathtaking views of English Bay as well as Lions Gate Bridge looking across Burrard Inlet towards North Shore mountains! If you’re feeling active take advantage of many hiking paths available here (including famous Seawall), otherwise just relax by any number parkside benches scattered throughout grounds – perfect spot if someone wants escape hustle bustle city life but still remain close enough be within reach it when needed again later day/night hours…


Step back in time when exploring Chinatown which has been part Canadian history since late 19th century; today still retains much charm nostalgic look feel past days despite us having progressed so far technologically since then (you will definitely notice difference between buildings other surrounding areas). Here visitors have chance experience both traditional Chinese culture modern western trends side side while walking along streets lined red lanterns old apothecary stores alongside contemporary cafes bakeries boutique shops selling latest fashion trends…

Must Try Eats

When planning your visit make sure leave room stomach all amazing eats available city – starting off course must try classic fish chips dish found almost anywhere near harbour front especially popular tourist attraction beachfront locations such Kitsilano Jericho Beach where they fried perfection served piping hot paper cones accompanied tartar sauce lemon wedges give extra zing flavourful experience… Also don’t forget check out dim sum speciality eateries located south east corner downtown known heart district “China Town” area their variety dumplings buns soups noodles stir fries offer something everyone who wants authentic Chinese cuisine taste buds crave during travels here too! Last but not least stop Richmond neighbourhood sample mouth watering Chinese BBQ joint specializing pork ribs roasted duck dishes – always packed locals alike so plan ahead secure table time slot early avoid disappointment….

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