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Unmissable Experiences: The Top 10 Things To Do On Vancouver Island




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Unmissable Experiences: The Top 10 Things To Do On Vancouver Island

Visiting Vancouver Island is an absolute must for anyone looking to explore the beautiful British Columbia landscape. A unique mix of rugged terrain, stunning views and diverse wildlife make this island a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. From kayaking and whale watching to hiking trails and beaches, here are our top 10 things to do on Vancouver Island that you simply can’t miss!

1. Kayak the Gorgeous Gulf Islands

With its many spectacular marine parks and enchanting shorelines, there’s no better way to appreciate the beauty of Vancouver Island than by going out in a kayak on one of its gorgeous gulf islands. Whether you choose to paddle around peaceful Saturna or explore the rugged coastlines of Pender Harbour, you’re sure to find plenty of breathtaking sights along your journey!

2. Go Whale Watching

Vancouver Island is home to some incredible wildlife—and one species that stands out above all others is the majestic Orca whale. Our local waters offer some excellent opportunities for spotting these magnificent creatures up close, with several tour operators offering guided trips from Victoria harbour throughout summertime!

3 . Hike Along Wild Pacific Trails

If it’s breathtaking scenery you’re after then don’t miss out on exploring some of the wildest parts of Canada’s west coast with a hike along one of Vancouver Island’s famous trails. Take your pick between challenging treks such as The West Coast Trail or family-friendly walks like Goldstream Provincial Park – whichever route you decide upon will reward you with sweeping ocean vistas and lush temperate rainforest landscapes!

4 . Explore Historic Downtown Victoria
Once known as “Little London” due its strong ties with Britain during colonial times,Victoria offers plenty for those wanting a cultural experience too—with museums such as Royal BC Museum allowing visitors an insight into island history; whilst unique boutiques lining Government Street provide ample opportunity for shopping lovers alike!

< h3 >5 . Visit Tofino For Some Surfing Fun With surfing conditions rivaling anywhere else in North America (especially during winter),Tofino has long been considered Canada’s surf capital – making it an ideal destination if your idea of fun involves waves bigger than yourself ! So grab your board (or rent one locally) and hit up Chesterman beach or Cox Bay – where adventure awaits both beginners and experienced surfers alike!.

< h3 >6 . Enjoy Long Beach In Pacific Rim National Park Reserve A trip to Long Beach should be high up on any visitor’s list when visiting Pacific Rim National Park Reserve near Ucluelet — just south-west from Tofino — where miles upon miles open up before visitors full potential exploration potential . Whether wishing time away building driftwood sculptures ,taking part in ocean sports activities ,or simply walking barefoot across wide sandy beaches—Long Beach promises something special whatever activity takes your fancy!.

< h3 >7 . Spend An Afternoon At Coombs Old Country Market & Goats On The Roof Located about 30 minutes north from Nanaimo lies Coombs Old Country Market —an incredible example how traditional country markets have evolved over recent years into tourist attractions their own right ! Here visitors flock admire handcrafted workmanship items ,try delicious homemade jams & jellies ,then finish off day feeding goats roam rooftops nearby petting zoo ! All this under shade century old maple trees —what more could ask ?                                                                    
            This charming town located centre east side island perfect spot take break taste some seafood delights – either go freshest catch restaurants overlooking Qualicum Bay (such Dockside Grill ), pop down local fishmonger buy supplies cook back home – either way guarantee buckets tastiest treats awaiting discovery here !                   
                                                                                                                                                         10 .”Take Scenic Drive Through Parksville And Nanoose Bay”/H 2 11″> Driving northern most tip towards Parksville provides awe inspiring coastal drive experience take advantage before returning heading southwards again Nanaimo direction – but not without stopping Nanoose bay enjoy afternoon birdwatching beachcombing secluded coves bays tucked away amongst towering fir tree forests – truly unforgettable sight behold..

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