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The Ultimate Guide To Safety For Single Women In Vancouver




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As a single woman, you may be wondering: is Vancouver safe? There’s no doubt that safety should be your top priority when travelling alone. While the crime rate in Vancouver has been on the decline for several years now, it’s still important to know what dangers could potentially exist and how to keep yourself out of harm’s way. In this ultimate guide to safety for single women in Vancouver, we’ll discuss what you need to know before travelling solo as well as provide tips and advice on staying safe while walking around the city.

Vancouver Crime Rate For Women

It’s essential to understand the current crime rate in Vancouver so you can make informed decisions about where it’s safe for you go. According to Statistics Canada, overall crime rates have declined between 2008 and 2017 with a decrease of 33% over that time period. Robbery rates are down 24%, sexual assault is down 18%, break-and-enter is down 28%, homicide is down 15%. This suggests that overall, Vancouver can be considered relatively safe – especially compared with other large cities like Toronto or New York City – but there are still areas throughout the city where caution needs to be taken when travelling alone.

Dangers Of Being A Single Woman In Vancouver

While it’s true that most crimes occur during daylight hours due to visibility issues (it makes it easier for perpetrators), nighttime activities shouldn’t necessarily be avoided altogether; they just need extra precautionary measures taken into account such as avoiding isolated areas after dark or carrying personal alarms or pepper spray if possible. Additionally, women should always trust their instincts; if something doesn’t feel right then don’t take any risks – find somewhere else nearby which feels safer instead. It’s also important not get too comfortable and let your guard down even if everything appears normal – stay alert at all times!

Advice For Single Women Travelling To Vancouver

No matter where you’re going – whether its downtown or a suburban area – there are certain things you can do minimize risk while travelling alone: plan ahead by researching local restaurants/bars online beforehand so you know exactly where they are located; avoid poorly lit streets; don’t walk too close behind someone else (this could signal danger); travel in groups whenever possible; carry only necessary items (e.g., keys) rather than bulky purses/bags which could attract attention from potential criminals; learn self defence techniques such as Krav Maga or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and develop an awareness of your body language since this can indicate whether someone might think twice before approaching them . Also try dressing modestly and keeping jewellery minimalistic since flashy objects can draw unwanted attention from would-be attackers who might target perceived wealth or anything which looks expensive/valuable on sight..


When using public transportation such as buses/trains/taxis etc., sit near other passengers if available (particularly those who appear friendly!) instead of waiting until everyone has left before boarding – this will help ensure someone notices any suspicious activity quickly enough so appropriate action can be taken.; always store cash & valuables away safely (perhaps inside socks tucked away inside shoes) rather than leaving them exposed in pockets etc.; use GPS tracking apps like Find My Friends installed on phones whenever possible; inform friends & family members back home about planned routes & expected arrival times ; lastly, keep up-to-date with news reports related specifically towards female travelers within specific areas of town prior visiting them since knowledge here provides additional peace mind regarding potential risks associated each location visited..

< h 2 >Conclusion With proper planning ahead coupled with vigilance whilst out exploring different parts city , single females stand best chance staying both secure & unharmed throughout duration visit ! Just remember : safety comes first , always trust gut instinct when deciding whether proceed venture given current surroundings ! By following these easy steps above , anyone able enjoy beautiful sights sounds without compromising security . Bon voyage !

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