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The Ultimate Guide To Living Cheap In Vancouver: How To Save Money On Everything!




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Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada, with stunning views of the North Shore Mountains and plenty to do – from world-class restaurants to incredible outdoor activities. Unfortunately, Vancouver also has a reputation for being an expensive city. From sky-high housing costs to pricey groceries, it can be hard to stretch your dollar in this beautiful coastal city. But don’t worry! With a little bit of planning and some savvy tips and tricks, you can find ways to save money while still enjoying life in Vancouver. Here’s our ultimate guide on how to live cheap (but happily!) in Vancouver!

Affordable Housing In Vancouver

If you’re looking for affordable housing options in Vancouver, there are several things you can do: firstly, consider living outside of downtown – there are cheaper areas like East Van or Burnaby that offer more spacious condos or houses at lower prices than those located downtown. Secondly, look into shared living spaces – whether it’s a room rental or splitting rent with friends or family members – which is often much cheaper than renting your own place. Thirdly, look into co-housing communities where residents share various amenities such as laundry rooms and kitchens; these kinds of arrangements tend to have lower rents overall than traditional apartment buildings. Finally make sure that you’re aware of all the extra costs associated with renting such as move-in fees and deposits before signing any contracts so that you know exactly what kind of budget you’ll need each month!

Cheap Groceries & Eating Out

Eating out regularly adds up quickly when living in an expensive city like Vancouver but there are plenty of ways to cut down on food costs by eating affordably at home instead! Consider buying ingredients for simple meals rather than pre-cooked meals; shop around for deals at different grocery stores (like no name brands) or visit farmers markets; buy locally sourced produce whenever possible; use online delivery services like Instacart; take advantage specials days when certain items go on sale; join loyalty programs offered by supermarkets etc… And if eating out really is necessary then try visiting local restaurants during happy hour times when they usually offer discounted drinks/foods plus other discounts e.g., BYOB policies etc…

Cheap Transportation Options

Whether it’s commuting back and forth between work/school everyday or exploring new parts of town – transportation can be surprisingly expensive if not planned ahead properly! Fortunately –there are several cheap yet convenient alternatives available: riding a bike/scooter (especially electric ones), carpooling apps like Poparide & Carpoolca , taking public transit instead (which offers student discounts too!), Uber pool rideshare services etc… All these will help reduce your monthly expenditure significantly without having much impact on your daily routine whatsoever !

Entertainment On A Budget

The good news is that there’s lots free/cheap entertainment options available throughout the year – festivals/concerts held outdoors , free museum visits , joining sports teams etc… Plus many tourist spots provide heavily discounted rates after 5 pm (e..g Stanley Park). There’re also lots movie theatres offering special promotions e..g dollar movie night throughout the weekdays too ! Combine all these together along with occasional treats such as hiking trips / roadtrips / camping adventures …and voila –you just saved tons without sacrificing any fun !

Utilities & Other Costs Another way we could save money would be cutting down electricity bills through making small changes such as using LED lightbulbs over normal bulbs , unplugging appliances when not needed . Water bills could also be reduced by limiting showers lengths + installing water saving features . Phone plans could get cheaper via switching carriers often . And finally bundle internet + phone plans together whenever possible — this always helps us maximize savings !

Conclusion We hope this guide has been helpful towards achieving financial freedom even while staying within one’s means while living life fully here in lovely Vancouver !! With proper planning + smart spending habits — we believe anyone should able enjoy their stay here without breaking bank either 🙂

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