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Can You Do Vancouver Without A Car?




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Vancouver is an incredible city, full of surprises and attractions to explore. But if you’re planning a visit without your car, don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to get around the city without one! From public transportation to walking and biking, Vancouver has many options for those who wish to experience the city without a car. Whether you’re visiting for just a few days or want to live in Vancouver long-term, this guide will help you navigate the best way around town – no keys required!

Public Transportation In Vancouver

The first option available when it comes to navigating Vancouver sans car is public transportation. The TransLink network covers most areas of the Greater Vancouver Area with buses as well as SkyTrain lines that connect downtown and other areas with surrounding cities like Burnaby, Richmond and New Westminster. This is by far one of the fastest ways to get from point A to point B but can be slightly pricier compared with other transit options in town.

If you plan on using public transportation often during your stay in Vancouver then buying tickets ahead of time can save you money; day passes are also available which offer unlimited trips within certain periods for great value. To make sure you don’t miss out on any must-see sights or attractions along the way, download an app like Transit App or Moovit which provide up-to-date arrival times at each stop so that you know exactly when your bus or train arrives (and where).

Walking And Biking In Vancouver

For those looking for some exercise while exploring different neighborhoods around town (or even just getting from A to B), walking is always an option – however keep in mind that distances between places might be quite far apart so it’s important not only have comfortable shoes but also check Google Maps ahead of time so that you know how long it will take before arriving at your destination. Additionally due its hilly terrain, some parts may require more effort than others!

Biking is another fantastic transport option especially since there are multiple bike lanes throughout most streets making cycling both safe and convenient across much of Downtown area as well as North Shore Mountainside regions such as Lynn Valley/North Van City Centre neighbourhood among others – plus many businesses rent bicycles either hourly or daily basis too so if bringing yours isn’t possible this could be great alternative route instead!.

Ride Sharing Apps In Vancouver

In recent years ride sharing apps such as Uber & Lyft have become popular choices amongst locals and tourists alike – not only because they provide cheaper fares than traditional taxis but also because they allow users flexibility when choosing their pick up/drop off locations making them ideal solution anyone seeking convenience comfortability combined together into one package deal!. Another advantage worth mentioning here would be ability track progress real-time via app itself which can come handy unexpected delays occur during peak hours traffic rush hour times too…so definitely something consider next time deciding mode transportation use getting around town!.

Despite having access all these amazing travel options still doesn’t mean everyone should limit themselves solely these methods: depending interests preferences various sightseeing tours companies offer guided excursions lasting anywhere between few hours entire day covering hot spots landmarks throughout metropolitan area including Gastown Chinatown Stanley Park Granville Island etcetera…also water taxi services exist boats ply False Creek waterways created extra layer exploration opportunities visitors wanting explore further beyond mainland itself (especially useful summer months)! So whatever choose do rest assured won’t regret trip being able enjoy beautiful scenery Pacific Northwest region style never had chance before now!.


As seen above whether visitor short term resident longer period there tons possibilities discover hidden gems await adventurer willing venture deeper look past surface find true beauty lies beneath its hustle bustle everyday life — all thanks ever growing selection reliable efficient transport alternatives quickly becoming norm helping locals visitors alike explore better faster easier than ever before!. With right attitude bit research thrown mix soon enough ‘ll discovering whole new side city never knew existed thanks guidance provided article hopefully opened doors people considering taking journey down road less travelled taking plunge living carless lifestyle least temporarily meantime take advantage opportunity unlock potential open endedness urban metropolis waiting beckon call … happy travelling adventures begin soonest possible!!

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