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The Ultimate Guide To Living in Canada With A UK Passport




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With the UK’s exit from the European Union, many UK citizens are looking to move elsewhere and Canada is a popular choice. So, if you’re considering relocating to Canada with your UK passport, this guide will help you understand everything you need to know about living in Canada as a UK citizen. Here we’ll cover all the visa requirements for entry into Canada, discuss immigration options, getting a work permit or visa, finding employment and applying for permanent residency. We’ll also offer insight on how best to make sure your transition goes smoothly – including understanding the Canadian healthcare system and tax rules. Read on for an essential guide on living in Canada with a UK passport!

Visa Requirements

The first step of any relocation process is understanding what kind of documentation you need before entering a new country – and that includes visas. As it stands today (April 2021), Canadians do not require visas if they stay less than 6 months; however, British citizens must obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) prior to their arrival in order to enter the country legally. The eTA can be applied for online through Immigration Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC). You should receive confirmation within minutes but keep in mind that processing times can vary depending on circumstances so it’s best not to leave this until last minute! Additionally bear in mind that there are some exceptions when applying for an eTA: those travelling by sea may require additional forms such as Visitor Visa/Permit applications which will take longer – up 3 weeks -to process so be sure to check beforehand what documents are required dependent on your particular situation..

Immigration Options

Once you’ve obtained your necessary documentation there are various routes available when it comes to immigrating permanently or temporarily moving into Canada as a Briton. If it’s only temporary then acquiring proper paperwork such as student visas or working permits is relatively straightforward – although rules may differ slightly from province-to-province so be aware of these nuances if crossing borders within the country itself at any point during your time abroad. On top of this though there are more long term options too such as family sponsorship schemes or business investor programmes designed specifically for those wishing become permanent residents – these have specific criteria attached however so read up thoroughly before making any decisions!.

Finding Employment

As ever job hunting starts with research: familiarising yourself with potential employers and roles relevant specifically towards yours skillset is key here especially given language barriers might exist initially while adapting fully into Canadian culture but don’t let fear stop progress either – websites like Indeed indeed hold vast amounts information regarding positions currently open across multiple sectors throughout provinces plus local newspapers often advertise publicly too.. There’s no one size fits all approach either: private company hiring processes won’t necessarily follow governmental regulations whilst freelance opportunities naturally rely heavily upon networking capabilities meaning establishing strong contacts early could prove invaluable down line…so get out there!.

Applying For Permanent Residency

To apply permanently relocate over border applicants must meet certain conditions set out by IRCC namely having valid travel documents proof sufficient funds support themselves financially plus passing medical examinations background checks etc These checks generally involve submitting personal details along supporting evidence why applicant wants migrate As mentioned above criteria differs based individual case which means waiting times vary drastically between individuals IRCC typically takes around 12 months consider review application .

< h 2 >Understanding The Healthcare System Health care remains free public charge everyone who holds Canadian citizenship permanent residence status This applies regardless age income level Services covered range doctor visits hospital stays home care services prescription drugs mental health assistance vision care dental coverage etc What important note though even those possess insurance cards still liable costs associated certain treatments medications like physiotherapy acupuncture ..etc

< h 2 >Tax Rules And Regulations Taxation another big factor consider When coming live anyone earning money going taxed In fact taxation follows person wherever they go simply because government always wants its share earnings This includes both federal provincial taxes due each year Depending where exactly reside depends amount paid luckily authorities provide comprehensive guidance resources taxpayers use calculate accurately payments owe .

< h 2 >Conclusion Moving another part world never easy But being armed right information knowledge makes things easier With our ultimate guide Living In Canada With A Uk Passport now fully equipped navigate wayward waters ahead Hopefully feel confident enough take plunge exciting adventure awaits Good luck !

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